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Our Mission

At WorkFirst Health, we’re redesigning employment and debt-free education as part of the healthcare career journey to solve the staffing crisis nationally, providing a new and equitable pathway for this generation of career seekers and changers.

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Our Values

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Mission First

Education is the great equalizer, and we prioritize the transformative mission of education.

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Partners, Not Clients

We form collaborative partnerships, not transactional relationships, to deliver lasting impact.

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Lifelong Commitment to Learning

We view every project as an opportunity for organizational and individual growth, innovation, and learning.

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Promoting DEI

We believe everyone deserves an equitable opportunity to pursue their dream career in healthcare.

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About WorkFirst Health

An Archer Education Program

For nearly two decades, Archer Education has helped countless students reach their goals through personalized and effective enrollment marketing strategies. During that time, we’ve marketed hundreds of healthcare degrees and developed an unparalleled understanding of the healthcare landscape.

WorkFirst Health is the embodiment of this expertise — the first proprietary matching system that connects aspiring healthcare professionals with employers and career-focused education opportunities. This new, innovative model combines staffing and education to help combat the staffing crisis in healthcare.

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